Monday, March 03, 2008

29th February

Well, what is so special about 29th february except for the fatc that it is a leap day ??

It also happened to be our theme for creative writing event.

the requirements:
entry will be in the form of a pamphlet (an A2 sheet folded in half = four A3
entry must have these sections.
1. A cartoon/comic strip (sarcasm/humor?) based on the theme
This has to be original.
2. A footnote at the bottom of each page referencing a word for which you
come up with your own version of its meaning/origin
The footnote must refer to a word present in the page above and give
an imaginary meaning or describe the origin of that word.
3. A flash fiction based on the theme with a word limit 400 words
Flash fictions are characterized by their brevity. This is just a normal
fiction with all elements of suspense but restricted to 400 words. Don't
bother writing prologues and chapters.

I shall paste 4 jpeg images in another post.

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