Sunday, March 09, 2008

For those Living Suiciders

By 'living suiciders' I mean those who give indications of committing suicide but not potray suicidal behaviour. This is generally done to threaten or to freak people out or simply for the fun of it, to see how people react; or of course in some rare bizzare cases as an elocution piece.

For those few here is a compilation from a simple Google search

12 common ways to commit suicide:

12. Vehicular Impact
Results From Failure: Permanent loss/damage to organs.

11. Self-immolation
Results From Failure: Permanent scars and third degree burns

10. Drowning
Results From Failure: Oxygen deprivation can cause severe and permanent brain damage.

9. Electric Shock
Results From Failure: Deep burns from 500-1000 volts, ventricular fibrillation at 110-220 volts, and severe neurological damage.

8. Exsanguination (usually slitting the wrist or throat)
Results From Failure: Extreme loss of blood causing the heart to dramatically slow eventually depriving the brain of oxygen. Also, most often, deep scars and tissue damage.

7. Jumping
Results From Failure: Shattered femurs from impacting with water up to severe bodily harm from impacting with any solid surface.

6. Suffocation
Results From Failure: Turning back at the last minute before passing out can result in serious and long-lasting to permanent brain damage.

5. Carbon Monoxide Inhalation
Results From Failure: CO molecules irreversibly attach themselves to human hemoglobin and the result is often fatal even if one backs out.

4. Poisoning
Results From Failure: The toxic levels of poison required to kill one’s self are generally non-reversible. However, hospital staff can attempt it and often make one vomit or something similar. Lasting effects can include internal organ damage.

3. Hanging
Results From Failure: Brain damage from lack of oxygen, Often, failure to actually break your own neck may only yield strangulation and you can be saved, but damaged. Also, permanent rope burns or implement scarring can occur.

2. Drug / Alcohol Overdose
Results From Failure: Severe to permanent organ failure if successful removal isn’t achieved, as well as impaired judgment. Often, clinical assistance is necessary if attempt is repeated.

1. Gun Shot
Results From Failure: Sometimes the blast isn’t enough to kill. In this case, severe to permanent bodily damage can occur as well as blood loss, organ and tissue damage, and brain damage.

Not : But of course : This is not an encouragement to those living suiciders but a mere reminder that there are a lot of things that can go wrong in attempting suicide. And probably your life is a happy one till you attempt and then it would not be worth living but you would be stuck in the hell that you would have created for yourself.


  1. would sleeping inside a nuclear reactor without radiation protection come under the drugs/alcohol overdose thingy...

    Result From Failure : Mutation.. thats so cool... then you can threaten the world and rule the world with an iron fist.... Bah!!

  2. 12. vehicular impact -- that dude in 5 point someone

    11. protestors to mandal commission

    10. drowned in self puke -- morrison, at least thats the most convincing cause of death. drowned in water -- NIT suratkal junta

    9. That IIT kgp dude ages back when he peed on a electic stove and got electrocuted when being ragged.

    8. Hindi film movie ppl

    7. Chinmay Vidyalaya babe who is to blame for my locked terrace. sigh.

    6. How does one suffocate oneself??

    5. Switch car on. drive into closed garage. Close garage. Forget to switch car off. Some hitchcock movie. Old one. Strangers in a train i think. Cant remember exactly.

    4. Thats the farmer suicide favourite. Pesticide is a poison

    3. Thats the IIT M favourite.

    2. NIT suratkal. Rock stars. Depressed movie stars. Monroe. Like everybody in the world.

    1. Hitler.

    Just thought examples will help.

  3. @amrutash
    6. Pull a poly-bag over ur head.. tie an undoable knot around ur neck.. n bingo..
    4. Pesticides ar usually diluted n more often than not the person is lives..usually a threat more than an honest attempt if u asked me.. selfos pills hit bull's eye..
    5. happened some 2 yrs back in chennai, in a traffic jam, during the flood..albeit by mistake

  4. ashutosh@puppet
    yes.. cool way.. but then it's way cooler not to die

    thanks :)

    thanks for answering amrutash

  5. @TF

    Hey the intention was to become a mutant... thats the papers version that i went in to commit suicide..

  6. @TF

    Hey the intention was to become a mutant... thats the papers version that i went in to commit suicide..

  7. wtf?? hoe does this comment thing gets posted twice... n both under puppet's name

  8. Well this piece of work and research is gonna come in very handy... especially now, as the owner of the blog, has decided that all of its interested and faithful readers should be driven to adopt suicidal tendencies, as she decides to bore all of them with the... no... no... without any updates to the blog...

  9. @madman
    lemme guess.. puppet went in for it n madman came out ??
    ah! puppet actually missed me :D

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