Monday, March 03, 2008

Gotham City !!!

That was our theme for "Fete", the biggest lit soc and tech soc event in IITM.

Each hostel is expected to stick to a theme and creat a game stall with ambience and blah blah blah. Here is what happened last year.

So Gotham City!!

The tent with the Gotham city skyline invites you to enter through the bat-mobile. You are welcomed with the machine with a continous show of bat-man's skills.
The vinyl print outs stuck to the tent, the batmobile with carboard n paper, the TV decorated to look like a machine.

Now the Penguin stops you at the gate. Fight your luck as you spin the wheel and see if you can make it inside the city.
The wheel produces a no which inturn glows in the hollywood squares and the key hanging there is picked out.

Else there is Riddler with his secret entry. Guess the name of the batman's badman and the cryptex unlocks itself to present to you the key. The key lead to a little box that provides you with a weapon.
The wooden cryptex has letters, and they all have to be arranged vertically to open the cryptex, and inside lies the key.

Poison Ivy has trapped Robin in a maze of ivy. Batman must save Robin and bring him out of the maze without touching the ivy.
A wooden platform with thermocol maze covered in leaves with wellcrow at certain areas is the maze. Robin is a magnet and so is batman's weapon. The glass over the maze stops the magnets from uniting but helps bring robin out. The wellcrow captures him incase he touches the ivy.

Now that Robin is out, he brings with him the four digit code to unlock the mysteries of the brain of Scarecrow, who provides you withe the laser gun.
It's just a digital lock for a box covered in hay to look like the scarecrow.

Mr. Freeze has frozen half the city now. Save the rest by destroing his 3 mirror bodyguards and 4 bodyguards in invisibility cloaks and finally mr. freeze's brain in a single shot with that Laser gun.
The bodyguards are mirrors, the invisible ones are windows and finally the laser strikes the brain and a blue led glows.

An finally, drop the grenades into the Joker's mouth and choke him to death.
Ah! A joker face with 3D effects with cardboard and newspaper. There is a motor rotating a cardboard with two holes behind the mouth. You have to throw the balls into the mouth and through those holes. which finally decend upon to switch off a casette player playing the Joker's laugh.

The entire stall had the comic "Pow" "Boom", etc., the cityscrapers, the ambience for every individual game. We also had the batman villians cut out off vinyl and stuck on cardboard put up as standies, and of course batman himself. And a particular "XXplosive" sign (for those who didn't get it, we have the XX chromosome and its dangerous!)

There! You've saved Gotham City!! Batman, you are a hero!!!

Results : There were two categories
Lit-soc : 4th position fetching us 10 points
Tech-soc: 2nd position fetching us 30 points

PS: pics to be put up soon

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