Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lit-Soc 2007-08

As another of the labels in my gmail goes to sleep it makes me brood about the past...

This year was a good year for sharav lit-soc.
We started with a big 35 point haul in fine arts thanks to the enthusiam and talent of freshies. Shweta and Swati Ghosh gave every guy a run for his money.

Then came Choreo Nite and keeping in line with Sharav's tradition of winning Choreo Nite, we bagged the first prize, putting us at the top of the lit soc tally.

Daramtics: At LitSoc Dramatics this year Sharav perfrmed an adaptation of the play "A Little Box of Oblivion" with commendable performances by each actor.

Speaking Events :
Good participation in speaking events was seen this year from sharav
Monoacting saw one of our best actresses Supreetha Jha in action. She secured the 5th position.
I was adjudged 5th in Elocution Competition and the duo of Supreeta and I made it into the finals of debate.

Music events:
LM and WM solo brought in more points to the hostel. Two freshies Aarathi and Saranya finished 3rd in the WM instrumrntalist and Vocalist Category respectively.
We put up a good SHow in LM and WM groups as well.

I would like to make a special mention of the fact that this year 3 all freshie teams participated in Pot-Pourri and one of them even made it to the finals.

Creative Writing:
Initially the change of dates caused a little damping of spirit, nevertheless Sharav came out trumps with its creative articles for an even more creative theme -29th Feb. We stood 5th in the competition only 1 point behind our predecessor. A lot of Freshie participation was seen for creative writing and their efforts we commend and acknowledge today


The Big event--- This year Sharav performed beyond all expectations. With a catchy theme and an apt abmience to go with it, it was no wonder when sharav Stood 4th. The credit of this victory goes to a large team of freshies and second years who worked day and night sometimes even without a wink of sleep. This team combined with able guidance and help from 4th years was always headed for victory from the start, and of course with Batman at ourside.

Intotem Sharav stands in 5th 6th position in the Lit soc tally with over 100 points.....and i hope in the next year we go much beyond. Go Sharav!!!!

12th of April was our hostel and the hostel was turned into a Hawaii island with the gals in garlands for snapshots on the RGs*. There were programmes and there were prizes to be given away. There were mock awards and there was the 4th yr dance with the ladies in Sarees. There was the delicious food and the DJ with his beats. There were the hostel nigth videos and the seniors' toasts.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Critiques and Reflections

Though not Indian, Eleven Minutes is definitely contemporary.
It talks about an issue that know would speak of. In his after word he even mentions that it is time when people actually started writing books with sex as the central idea.

Drawing an analysis to the present humanities course that I'm doing, Contemporary Inidan Novel and Drama in India, the story talks about a young girl who goes to Geneva from a small town in Brasil in order to find money and the love of her life. It talks about how it is a foreign land and soon enough she feels at home. She becomes a prostitute in a foreign land and through out her stay, she has a single friend, an old librarian who doesn't know that she is a prostitute.

It also talks about how women are entitled to sexual pleasure and what really causes it. Even though hse has been in bed with many men she never enjoyed it. And one day on the raod, staring at clock tower she has an orgasm. It's in the soul.
The old librarian had once been unfaithful to her husband, who is a perfect husband.
As the librarian recalls her incident I was forced to think about the Queen's character from the play "Bali : The Sacrifice" by Girish Karnad that we did in my course. It speks of how the Queen slept with naother stranger just like the librarian even when her husband loved her a lot because she is a woman too, not just a wife and a mother.
It also reminded me of the incident in "The Department of Denails" by Anurag Mathur where the protagonist's girl friend talks to him about faithfulness. The protagonist himself is surprised to know that this woman feels that she can of course go out with other men at times which is not wrong at all even though she has a boyfriend.

This so far I felt was the most contemporary Issue that we have done in class or I have come across in my reading. It's quite a radical thought

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Da Vinci Quest

After reading the book, "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown, I've taken to making ambigrams. Tried out with my name first and it turned out to be the toughest.

Here's presenting the ambigram of my hostel name "Sharav" (Sharavathi, fondly called Sharav)
This will hopefully come on the back of my new hostel tee shirt :


tHe dePaRtMeNt oF DEniaLs

by AnuRaG MatHuR

A brilliantly written book. It's humorous and that's what keeps the readers going, since the story is not captivating. But it does make you think. And the satirical humour always makes you laugh. A good read.

I presented this book along with a friend in my Humanities course "Contemporary Indian Novel and Drama in India", just today. So I can go on and on about it. But I wouldn't want to bore madman though puppet would love it :D

Characters that caught my attention:

Baby Loon and Baby Hack
Baby Loon comes from a bureaucratic family who are all at work and the baby is left behind. She is extremely smart but neglected. She speaks like a bureaucrat using official terms.
baby Hack is like an extension. She is from a journalistic family and she speaks like an article from the newspaper

The oldman from the bar
He speaks in pieces and appears only thrice in the book. An enigma. He phrases "All women are leg-spinners"

Books again

I just finished a novel. I liked it.
It's not about the novel. It's about reading. It's wonderful how through a book you leave your surrounding and you go floating away into different worlds; some good some bad some ugly :)

You don't realise it when you read. When you read you just are in another world. But when you stop reading and then you realise your surroundings ou then realise that for the apst time you were not here, you were not aware of what lay next to you.

I finished the novel and walke down to my mess. ANd i was still transformed into a different world when I was rudely interuppted by work and came back to reality.

I hate this world. It's full of nuisance, assertiveness, politics, favouritism and blah blah blah.
I want that book to never end. I wish it went on forver and I read it forever.

Hmmm... I should probably start writing my life like a book and live it.