Thursday, April 03, 2008

Critiques and Reflections

Though not Indian, Eleven Minutes is definitely contemporary.
It talks about an issue that know would speak of. In his after word he even mentions that it is time when people actually started writing books with sex as the central idea.

Drawing an analysis to the present humanities course that I'm doing, Contemporary Inidan Novel and Drama in India, the story talks about a young girl who goes to Geneva from a small town in Brasil in order to find money and the love of her life. It talks about how it is a foreign land and soon enough she feels at home. She becomes a prostitute in a foreign land and through out her stay, she has a single friend, an old librarian who doesn't know that she is a prostitute.

It also talks about how women are entitled to sexual pleasure and what really causes it. Even though hse has been in bed with many men she never enjoyed it. And one day on the raod, staring at clock tower she has an orgasm. It's in the soul.
The old librarian had once been unfaithful to her husband, who is a perfect husband.
As the librarian recalls her incident I was forced to think about the Queen's character from the play "Bali : The Sacrifice" by Girish Karnad that we did in my course. It speks of how the Queen slept with naother stranger just like the librarian even when her husband loved her a lot because she is a woman too, not just a wife and a mother.
It also reminded me of the incident in "The Department of Denails" by Anurag Mathur where the protagonist's girl friend talks to him about faithfulness. The protagonist himself is surprised to know that this woman feels that she can of course go out with other men at times which is not wrong at all even though she has a boyfriend.

This so far I felt was the most contemporary Issue that we have done in class or I have come across in my reading. It's quite a radical thought


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  3. eleven minutes is a prostitute all glorified n shit, It likes the touchy side of her life..
    n ya, stop reading cohello

  4. @madman

    i kinda liked it... in a weird way.. even mailed the blogpost to my ma'am who taught me a course