Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Devil Speaks

Eh ! not on this post... But in the novel "Devil and Ms Prym" by Paulo Coelho.

It was like a 'Tom & Jerry" cartoon! Each of us has the devil and the angel next to us affecting our thought :) Kinda cute.

But I found it boring and draggy. As one goes through the book the way people think is slowly transformed. It's nice how Coelho portrayed people and their thoughts and their nature.

We all want to be good. And even when we are doing something considered unethical by ourselves we still lie to ourselves and justify the act. It's trippy. As in :

Person A
A decides what is good and bad
A feels like doing what is decided previously as bad
A cannot do bad
A twists the idea and makes it sound like the previously decided good
A convinces the conscience that the might be bad deed is actually good
A convinces but the necessity of convincing comes from the fact that A thinks that the act that A is portraying as good was actually considered bad by A only.
A does whatever
A is happy
A is also worried
A is distressed
A cannot take it anymore so...
A forgets

Read the novel if you have to kill time. Makes a trippy read. Recommended especially (if you haven't read already) for Puppet/Madman, Leela and Vatsap? ( only because I think an interesting blog post will come out of it :) )


  1. I might actually get myself to read one more of his books (only because I don't want the interesting blog post to not make it to this world. Oh! What a loss it would be!)

  2. @LEELA
    will be waiting for the blog post

  3. Hello!

    I'm a big fan of Paulo Coelho! You will love this! He's the first best-selling
    author to be distributing for free his works on his blog:

    Have a nice day!


  4. kirtika5:08 pm

    paulo coelho *sucks* *big time* ...your point on blogposts makes me wish of reading your posts on these (u might want to try these for a change) ...
    1.running from safety
    2.illusions:the adventures of a reluctant messiah ..both by Richard Bach

  5. Hmmmm.. will do as and when my hands are not so full... Btw a day after i commented on your blog on a particular post my bro ( who got home to study from hostel, which of course i didnt allow him to do.. I didnt want another one..) showed me this book he picked up on his way back for me... It was titled The Zahir... You sure have means... I must say... You know how to get things done... :-P

  6. And the alimo guy changed his name... Brilliant I tell ya... Brilliant...

  7. @mauricio
    thanks for dropping by

    will try them sometime... right now i m reading "The Calcutta Chromosome" by Amitav Ghosh

    Ah! The Zahir is full of chance happenings that are not so chanced upon.. yes I find my many ways :D

    and u were right about the aart guy.. :D

  8. i dint have time to read th whole post abhi, just saw my name n now I will read it fossure tomorro

  9. @madman
    I hope u dont give it up the way u gave up kite runner

  10. send him to an asylum

  11. @madman
    whom ? the devil ??? or person A ??

  12. sorry fairy,

    send paulo cohelo, devil and person A, n if possible puppet too

  13. @madman
    but if i send puppet wont you been gone as well...??
    besides i like he two of you together... not alone.. n not without

  14. u mean we are like do jism n ek jaan kinds??

  15. @madman
    now you sound like a gay couple... do jism ??... I thought it was ek jism do jaan... :D


  16. @madman
    now you sound like a gay couple... do jism ??... I thought it was ek jism do jaan... :D

    gay, naaaHHH..

    n ya a professor in college had once asked me that.

  17. @madman
    why ? were u like reaching out to the puppet in you ?? :D