Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Swaying Dreams

pendulum playing peek-a-boo
time traveling in bouts of Deja Vu
the afternoon spent in deep slumber
the night that I barely remember
the day that passed in silence
the night of wavy resonance
the frothing laughter, the elegant food
conversations to suit the mood
fun delusion hiding future fears
misty eyes with silent tears
trail of thoughts the train had left
shall return no more as away I drift

A toast to all my seniors who have touched my life. A farewell to you. And may happiness always find it's way to you. Thank you for everything.


  1. Beautiful.. but shall I venture to say that ..return no more as away you drift seems more apt?

  2. @leela
    thanks.. but its I who is drifting... ?? hmmm... may be... you... hmmmm....

  3. @leela
    I reviewed the poem.. It's I.. not YOU.. reason being.. y seniors are still there finishing their btp.. it's I who took the train n left...

  4. But on the larger time frame, it is they who leave.

  5. Arty.... ;)

    And yeah Bigger Picture for me... You who is drifting :)

  6. @lee and adi
    okie ppl... will make it you... i get you...:D