Friday, May 09, 2008

That Shiny Little Piece

I saw you the other day in Forum. You were eating at Mac D. I was really really happy to see you. I considered walking up to you and saying hi. But I didn't. Had it been that we hadn't spoken a word for a year I would have. But it's been only two months since we stopped talking. So I didn't know what to say to you.

And then I saw it in dangling from your neck. I can't believe that you still kept it. What do you do with it ? Look at it and cry ?? Why are you eating alone?

I wanted to run to you and hug you tight for not forgetting me and ask you all these questions. I certainly thought you'd forget me. You almost forgot me for a year now anyway. The tiny pieces of conversation we had prior to the two months hardly lasted ten minutes. I did not think I would matter to you at all.
But when I saw that shiny little piece in your chain it occurred to me that I might have made a mistake in judging you.

The phone calls, the flowers, the sketching, the skating. All the time we spent together for two years passed in front of my eyes like a flash of a camera, in photographs and short videos, including how we drifted apart, how we almost stopped talking and how we finally stopped talking.

That tiny little piece dangling from your neck is all that connects us now, now that you are out of my reach.

Ah! Here come your friends. So you are not alone. Hmmm.. who are all these people, they are so different from the people you used to hang out with. But then it included me in those days.
I walked closer so I could here the conversation.
"Hey dude! What's up? I booked the tickets just now. By this time tomorrow we would be in Mumbai!" (Mumbai? Why are you going to Mumbai?)
"Well, that's good news. Good for us. So what else?"
"Hey what's that thing in your neck? New fashion eh?"
"It's real!"
"What ?!! You are kidding me right?"
"Hush up.. It's real!" (coming from another friend)
"Come on guys! What's happening??"
"You dont what to know"
"But I do"
"You really don't"
"He shot his girlfriend with it" (coming from the other friend)
"With this bullet?!" He was so sure it was a prank!
"Naaah! Then why do you wear it?"
"This tiny little piece dangling from my neck is all that connects us now, now that she is out of my reach."

I looked at you with pride and back at the bullet that dangles from your neck.


  1. Anonymous10:39 pm


    But unless, you attribute her apparent affinity towards him even now to some ghost psychosis. Either she deserves to be shot!

  2. @anon
    well.. there cud be a million reasons.. may be he shot her by mistake.. may be he had to shoot her to save something else.. but the point is he shot her.. but he still loves her.. and she loves him..

  3. You know the times you actually cant make out whether to joke or not... For it may be real and may hurt someone.... Yup.... But nice...

  4. Anonymous2:15 pm

    awesome...the concept would make a nice start to a Fanaa sequel..

  5. @puppet
    sorry.. i didnt mean it as a joke.. it's jus something that came up in my mind...
    btw.. where is madman now a days ??

    havent seen fanaa.. not planning to.. so i dint get ur idea.... but the title wud suit...

  6. Anonymous1:31 pm

    'Sparkling' post...

  7. No what I meant was that I was not sure whether the story was actually a reality or fiction..

    But with me there is no line between fact n fiction... I am not sure what is real... Madman... Well I am trying to kill him... Am trying to take over... I am the stronger one..

  8. @smarty pants
    'smart' comment

    awwww... i like u both...

  9. Anonymous3:14 am

    I found your words some how through this internet... I love what you write. I will keep on reading...

  10. @anon
    thank you.. :)
    will be glad if u reveal yourself :)

  11. hmm...dat was intresting..gud one!

  12. @puppet
    sorry.. i didnt mean it as a joke.. it's jus something that came up in my mind...
    btw.. where is madman now a days ??

    awwww... i like u both...

    so U miss me eh!
    sweet sweet.

    n ya abt the post, U shud have gone n hugged the guy, i mean the script shud have been nice n sweet in the end

  13. @madman
    I agree... But i was dead.. dint u get it?? he killed me with that very bullet...

  14. dead people dont matter :p

  15. @madman
    thats exactly my point :D

  16. and ya, all dead people only go to heaven, they are the most calm n soothin of all, they do no one no harm..

    they r like dolls..

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. @madman
    ah dolls.. not puppets ??

  19. hits the reader real hard..

  20. @the dreamer
    thanks.. it was meant to :)