Tuesday, June 10, 2008

123rd page


The rules: Pick up the nearest book. Go to page 123. Find the fifth sentence. Post the next three sentences. Tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you.

"That is how our relationship began. The ex-IIT gang on the first floor of the Boy's hostel had been keeping a close eye on our growing friendship. They would usually settle down in Joy and Gopher's room which had a ringside view of Dadu's and then based on their observations of what each couple was doing, they would formulate their hypotheses."

This turned out to be trippy indeed. Well, guess where this is from.

I tag: madman, ashtung, nimit, aditya, hseeniv


  1. next morning anna mikhailovna said to pierre:
    ït is a great loss for us all, not to speak of you. But god will sustain you: you are young and you are now, I trust the possessor of an immense fortune

    i didnt do the rest.

  2. @madman
    :)war and peace.. told u it cant exist...

    i now tag puppet :D

  3. how did U find out it was war n peace?

    did U google, if U did thne itz cheating..

  4. @madman
    i by default assumed it to be since we spoke about so i replied... but after reply i checked i thought i cud be wrong so i checked on google.. had i been wrong i wud have deleted that comment n commented with the right one :D

  5. h haaa., smart gurl..

    wat buk is ur comment from?
    i can google it, but my conscience dont allow me.

  6. @madman

    Googling wont help. Believe me.


    "acknowledge the person who tagged you" :)

  7. 2 amrit: i actually cudnt.. U were rite..

    fairy:do I get to know or i gotta wait?

  8. @madman
    listen to amrit :D
    its from a vague book called "mediocre, but arrogant" does it describe u ?? :D

    acknowledged..! sorry :D

  9. @madman
    wait a min.. but u screwed ur cat.. how did u become an MBA ??

  10. CAT is not the only thing he screwed.... He screwed up my head as well... SIGH... He is back!!!

    I should kill him... And no Twilight... I dont like dead baby jokes....

  11. I have read tht book btw... Everyone wants to write about their college days.....

    Get a mediocre guy... Get him a girl friend... (two here, I guess... If I remember right).... Nostalgically pass him out.... Bah.....

  12. @puppet
    really.. !!? but u seem like a guy who'd like them...
    n yeah.. so true abt the book.. blah n more blah.. i think he had like 4 women in his life.. only 1 was a 'girl-friend'...

  13. 2 fairy: me an mba?? hallucinating or wat?

    considering my past record, the question shud be wat all did I not screw.. I screw but then I am okay with it..

    n ya
    that reminds of a quote I once quoted to explain adaptation to my senior

    "wen in rome, screw the romans"

  14. @madman
    i thought u said mba describes u :|

  15. h haaaa,
    i hate mba, espcially the ones who prepare for mba while working

  16. @madman
    heheheh... u working ?? and u an mba or not??