Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Blog, therefor i am

I suddenly feel lucky that I blog. I really am. Every beautiful emotion I have felt, the fun, the laughter, the jokes, the sadness, the tears, the depth of every emotion, has been captured in these words. As I go back and read posts that I wrote an year ago, or may be even six months ago, I feel that emotion so strong and wonder how I've forgotten the feel and thank god that I captured it.

161 posts and still going strong, the day I forget the world this will be my most prized possession whether I continue blogging or not. And I thank my readers for supporting me :)


  1. Ya sometimes it is fun reading your own posts after a long time .

  2. is a pot full of different emotions..and it is grt to muse over what u use to be then and what u are now..[:)]

  3. yeah... even i had these similar detours into ma mind about my personal diary. Its like you are peeping at yourselves when you read em!!

    its truly a great treasure!!

    keep blogging!!

  4. @abhinav
    yes.. :) and thanks for dropping by

    @the dreamer

    stop flirting..! lol

  5. true.. but when i look back at my posts, i feel they were written by a stranger... its only the knowledge of the otherwise that that makes me sure its me.. n blah on thanking the readers... as if u wudnt write if nobody reads...

  6. @ashtung
    but surely its encouraging when i see comments on my posts

  7. the day it becomes valuable enough, please delete it..

  8. if U keep it one day longer, Ull start getin bored..
    n will also leave urself a chance of dislikin/ likin it lesser..

  9. welcome to my world


  10. @madman
    ah! i ve long gotten used to it