Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I just happened to observe this on the left-hand side of my Posts page:

It makes me happy:
That I blah a lot :D
That I am living an IITian Life
That I think a lot and build up on my philosophy in life
That I've been reading a lot of books
That have started my Intern dairies

It makes me sad:
That I haven't been writing and haven't written articles to The Hindu in a loooooooooong time
That music which is like an inevitable part of my life hasn't been blogged about much
That change is the in thing no longer in my life, except that I'm at Jamshedpur
That I haven't been taking many peeks into the past recently

Happy = 5
Sad = 4
Yeay! Clap clap clap

I'm happy and sad but on the happier side of the two :)


  1. Voila I say... Happy as a change from sad... And sad as a change from happy... No stagnation... Happy.. No sad... Daemn...

  2. @puppet
    I m happy that I m not sad

  3. Mine says I live in a weird world. I say labels speak the truth!

  4. @leela
    And I thought I was the weird lady! Oh is it me who makes you world weird ??