Thursday, July 31, 2008


Of all geometric shapes, a sphere is the most beautiful according to me. The perfection is brilliant.
I had wanted to read the book titled Sphere since my 8th class. I managed to do so a week ago.

Sphere - Michael Crichton

A brilliant book. Need I say more. A psycho thriller that it is, it investigates the power of the mind. And the climax of the book makes you think for a few seconds.
A splendidly written novel captured me through out the book and I just did not feel like putting it down.
It's been long since I read passion driven novels and I thought I probably grew out of it but not this one.
A brilliant read. If you haven't read it yet, I suggest you grab a copy now!


  1. Michael Crichton \m/

  2. seems like a must read but i don't have a copy..:(

  3. "need i say more?"

    er.. you really need to! something about the plot.. or something like that.. dont you think?