Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Talking Machines

I've named my pens, my computer, my room and I sometimes talk to them. They often don;t talk back.
SO when a system talks back to me, I find it cute.

Hi. This is the qmail-send program at
I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

It sounds do cute and so sorry when it says it's sorry that it dint work out :)


  1. So they started talking back..Eh?? Big-mouthed machines...

  2. kirtika6:23 pm

    If you ever happen to visit the world of software, you will see cuter things : "I was unable to build this for you..perhaps you should run me as root" (Bitbake tool in Linux)..feels really good when these things act so friendly after I goof up :P

  3. @puppet
    why ? have u told them ur life's biggest secret ??

    i know :)

    omg! cute max :)

  4. I dont keep no secrets from none... Actually I dont tell and kiss... I mean I dont tell any secrets....

    I intend to be a public figure and public figures dont have secrets... They just have closets...

  5. @puppet
    and ur afraid ur comp saw that skeleton ??

  6. The comp is dumb enough not to notice anything.... The comp is the dumbest thing that happened to mankind...

  7. @puppet
    so dumb that it actually helped u in meeting me... muahahahhahaha

  8. See... i told ya... If it would have been even a wee bit smarter he would have kept me out n kept you to itself... So... DUMB... It even lets me call it DUMB at its face...

  9. @puppet
    heheheh... dumb dumb dumb

  10. See it works... Or is it a new noise....??

  11. @puppet
    u can make music out of it :)

  12. I for one can make music out of everything and anything I want... So can you... Want me to teach you??

  13. @puppet
    i wanna learn drums ! teach me that

  14. Sure... we will just stop beating around the bush and will beat some tempo... maintain the tempo...

  15. @puppet
    u are mocking me :(

  16. May be ... May be not... But thts not the point... The point is tht you have to maintain the tempo....In every sense possible... I mean you may wanna live a johnny bravo life but end up living the Jonny Quest life... If the tempo is wrong... I like the intro song to Quest and I like Jonny Bravo better as a human...(NOT)... Jonny aint a human...

  17. @puppet
    i love the intro song too
    i hate jonny bravo
    i like haaji or watever it is his name is