Sunday, July 27, 2008

Travel Safe

Chennai to Bengaluru - second seating
Bengaluru to Visakhapatnam - sleeper class
Visakhapatnam to Tatanagar - AC II tier
Tatanagar to Visakhapatnam - AC II tier
Visakhapatnam to Bengaluru - sleeper class
Bengaluru to Chennai - sleeper class

Except for the first travel in second seating, everytime I travelled, every berth I got was in the same compartment as "emergency exit" :)
Lalu is taking care of me !


  1. the railway's ppl are become smarter, they are providing the quickest exit to the cause of further panic in an emergency situation..[:P]
    increase in the average I.Q level of the ppl at the reservation window..i guess i have to modify my view abt them.[:D]

  2. @the dreamer
    the railways have telepathically interacted with me and realised I don't take risks... so they place me in a 'least risk zone'

  3. Other than the safety thingy... You also have the widest window... The best view.... And a window which should never be closed....

    So probably safety wasn't the thing on mind of the ppl... They simply wanted you have a window seat and tht too the best....

  4. @puppet
    they jus love me :)

  5. YEAHH... That was my point in the first place....

    Please ignore my comment if the enlongated OR was just to give a better explanation of my initial comment...

    Read thy mind....

  6. fairy:
    my prophecies r comin true