Wednesday, August 27, 2008


A beautiful wild untamed flower shouldn't be trapped.
What happens when it is ?


  1. The flower still grows....

    Thats where we all differ... See...

    Some like flowers and pluck and carry it along.... Some like it and they stay in the garden near it (Hippies)... Others still destroy it... But the flower will only survive till it wants to survive.... Just hope it likes you enough to survivr long enough...

  2. A captivating pic like this comes out of it. Duh!

  3. It comes out stronger and stays fresher for a longer time once it comes out of the trap..

  4. @puppet
    flower.. shud write abt it

    nice pic naa finally

    huh! (psst. puppet.. these optimists)

  5. Or talk... Some ppl dont like takin hints like yours truly... Anywho... What the hell I will smell the flower now....

    Optimists are fine as long as they are not Hippies....

  6. @puppet
    he aint a hippie thank god
    so.. we getting a blog post on it ?

  7. No... Too much advertisement aint good... Else people will know of my secret plan to take over the world.. Which does involve hippies of course...

  8. @puppet
    i thougth if u rule the world u ll kick hippies out of it

  9. No that is not entirely the plan... It may be a part but I cant disclose the details now... I will let you know all about it on our next secret meeting.... Until then... To save the world from darkness... And to rescue some beautiful and awesomely hot babe in distress I fly... Sigh a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do... So Captain :-Puppet flies.....


  10. @puppet
    to rescue some beautiful and awesomely hot [S]babe[/S] fairy in distress ! dont you think ?
    but they took away ur license dint they ? the world that u are tryint ot save.. (hey do i see a hancock inside u? )

  11. I dunno haven't watched tht one... Have the copied me already?? WTF?? Who will save me the distressed?? Fairy?? Well FINE then I listen to Sabbath in darkness then...

    The trumpet was mine and I blew it...