Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It was 2.30 am and I on the bed reading something absolutely unimportant when the smell of burning paper touched my nostrils. It is a smell I like, carbon burning.

The Economic Times lying carelessly stashed on my keyboard was now in flames. Just one end of it.
I picked it up and rolled it so that I could hold it like a burning stick.
Then I thought I could just sway it and hit it against the wall and it would cut the flame. I started banging it against the wall above my dustbin. I tried to stub it out in the dustbin. But the flame burnt my hand and I let it drop into the dust bin. Everything inside my dustbin caught fire.

I immediately took the dustbin outside my room and sprayed all its contents on the corridor in order to save the dustbin (besides I don't like the smell of burning plastic).

I had an arc of fire around me and then I realised the dustbin I was holding was also on fire. I dropped it. Now I had fire just outside my room. Not sure What to do at 2.40 am I looked around for someone, anyone. Found a junior and brought her to the fire.

By then the fire reduced. We stopped the rest of it with a mat.

My room was warm with no mosquitoes and a nice smell of carbon burning that I like. And I slept.


  1. BURN...\m/

    There can be burn without fire... I realised that yesterday....

  2. Ouch. " that I could hold it like a burning stick." You want to be a rebel or something?

  3. @puppet
    yeah.. u need heat... i got burnt with an iron box quite a few times..

    I am a rebel.. incase u din realise..

  4. No my case was a little away from all tht... I was a victim of stinging words.... Rather as I like to put it... The tongue got a medicene of his own tongue.... He bit his own tongue....

    Anywho.... Listen to Burn by Deep Purple.... You will no what i mean...