Saturday, August 30, 2008

Movie Marathon

To begin with, it's not like me to watch movies. But today morning I woke up a little earlier than usual, about 4. And I was kinda bored and alone, thought I should have been studying. But I wanted some people talking around me just to feel that three are people around me. So I started watching some movies. But before I start off, I finish an average rated movie in 20 to 30 mins (I forward most of it, and watch only if it is captivating)


Someone told me it was good. I finished it in 15mins. It was absolutely boring. It didn't even have a story to make me stop and listen to a few dialogues. Yes, no doubt the climax is good but then it's so difficult to make it to the climax that you give up. The screenplay essentially was pathetic. A meek attempt to try and be different.

Love Story 2050
Someone told me it pathetic. I finished it in 25mins. It had a story to keep me going. It has a Hrithik like character. It had a cute teddy robo, a cute girl robo. It had a very vague story line. But it did have a story line. Entertainment enough. But not good enough.

Mumbai Meri Jaan

This movie should not be in line with the other two movies. Besides it deserves a post for itself. next post on it.


  1. You really do believe in kill joy...

  2. @puppet
    killing ur joy atleast :P

  3. Oh for that honey you will have to do much more and try harder.... Try hard... Try hard....

    On the other hand if you are actually gonna try all that hard why try on to something that is completly stupid... For killin my joy will only make me more happy... As it is nature balances... I am nuts so I screw.... See nature balances...

    Try for something else... Try hard... Try hard... Die Hard.... Ok who didnt see that coming???

  4. @puppet
    what if i m extraordinary sweet.. does that kill ur joy ??

  5. OF COURSE.... But as they say why kill a mocking bird when you can kill the bird that shits on you... The Rime of the Ancient Mariner... Sorry got carried away....

    But you are already extra sweet... In fact I can use you in my next cuppa....

  6. @puppet
    in ur what ?? n waht does that supposedly make me do ?

  7. cuppa... Cup of tea... Oh I have this dead Brit Lord in me... New Wave of British Heavy Metal killed him... But he keeps comin back...

    Well it helps me taste you...

  8. To you may be.... I beg to differ there,....