Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mumbai Meri Jaan

A brilliant movie.
It's about the Mumbai bomb blasts that took place in local trains.
I didn't know this fact. So I was shocked for a few minutes when the blast seen happened. I should have known it, would have made it a bit easier to digest. But then had I known it I would have had pre-assumed notions about the movie.

it's not about the bomb blasts. it's not about what police did or government did or didn't. It's not about the victims of the blasts.
It's about the commoner of Mumbai, a commoner who has been an indirect victim.

It's about a police constable who has nothing to do with the blasts, who had not been able to do justice to occupation through out his service, who is but at heart a good human being.

It's about a salesman who was present during the blast, who develops hatred towards muslims, who learns the way of life.

It's about an officer who was saved by a mere chance of luck, who was traumatised by the experience, who loves his country, who finally overcomes his fear.

It's about a newsreporter who makes stories out of other's lives, who herself becomes a news story soon enough, who is victim of her own torture.

It's about a madrasi coffeewala who has absolutely nothing to do with the blasts, but uses the fact as a weapon to satisfy his ego, who understands the fear instilled in people and the guilt instilled in him.

It's not about the bomb blasts. It's about the commoner's reaction to the blasts.

Critic mentions:
It'a movie worth watching, with astonishing performance by Paresh Rawal, Kay Kay Menon, Madhavan, Irfan Khan.
The only negative point is a not-so-good-repeat-of-RDB by Soha Ali Khan which includes the name 'Ajay' of her wud-be who dies (like in RDB), include the same mother character from RDB who plays Soha's mom here.
Some character actors who played brilliantly : Policewala Kadam, Yousuf's mom, Anindita, Madrasi's wife.
Those who were terrible: Soha's brother, Vipul somebody who talks to Maddy in the beginning before the blast.

Bottomline: Watch Mumbai Meri Jaan if you still haven't


  1. ya
    awesome movie... better than anything i watched in a long while

  2. @puppet
    why ? coz u like delhi ??
    u shud..try it

    :) true :)

  3. Na... I dont think I will... A. It is one of those movies from which I am gonna expect too much... Expectations... Like Great Expectations sucks ass

    B. It is one of those movies which show reality in a very ubreal manner so Thanks but no thanks...

  4. @puppet
    no it doesnt.. its doesnt show it unreally... it shows really :P
    watch it watch it watch it
    save a distressed fairy by watching it

  5. @puppet
    no it doesnt.. its doesnt show it unreally... it shows really :P
    watch it watch it watch it
    save a distressed fairy by watching it

  6. Ok Ok I get your point... And hon repeating the same point doesnt have the extra impact it may affect the Hippies otherwise but not me....

    Somehow I am not 18 but I like listening to eighteen by Cooper again and again... Why?? I dont understand...

    But cut the crap and have a very messy knife... I dunno if I find time and the movie I will watch it... I flow along in some matters atleast tht is I flow with the current on some things...