Wednesday, August 27, 2008


This night the weather was nice. A pleasantly cool and humid weather. I felt like cycling.
I found a junior's cycle. I found some company (rather I dragged a friend along). We went cycling, took breaks and cycled again, round and round the campus.

At one particularly tired break, I got a call. As I was on the phone, a small drizzle began. I was on the phone when lightning struck and thunderbolt sounded loud enuf to shatter any one's guts. As I put the phone down and was considering returning, a huge rain began. We could not see or move as we stood under a tree. I shivered to the bone. Then when we could no longer stand under the tree, we left the cycles there and ran for cover under some building.

I was completely drenched and shivering to the bone by now. Staying under cemented roof kinda got some warmth back into my body and my shivering receded. Then I looked at the storming rain, drenched and wet hair.

We waited for quite a long while and then it stuck me that it might not reduce and we might have to stay here all night. So I decided to face the battle. And I dragged my friend along.

Together we took the cycles and rode all the way back even though the water was in our eyes, both of us were shivering and we could not see anything in front of us unless its a light emitting object.

And we made it back. I was in my room. Cold, shivering and wet.
As I changed into my dry clothes I remembered, I still don't have a dustbin. Damn it! The fire struck just yesterday.

Would it be earth tomorrow ?


  1. My guess was air....

  2. If not, then just make something up. :D

  3. @puppet

    lets see :)


    for your entertainment.. anything

  4. No air talks man... Dont listen to Ari Supply.... They are sissy... Listen to Aerosmith.... They \m/

  5. @puppet
    i cant believ u even heard of air supply forget abt hearing the songs

    yeah aerosmith rocks

  6. Well I have heard a whole lotta crap in my time... I have heard and read a lot.. I have been everywhere man... Johnny Cash \m/

  7. @puppet
    yeah.. u are 80 yrs old aint u ?

  8. Yup... But age is just a number... I may be 80 but have a mind of 8... Destruction it cries... DESTRUCTION..... \m/


    So thats that.... But hey me being 80 wont affect anything between us would it?? I mean just remember the wonderful times we've had together.... I promise not to grow any older.... :-P

  9. @puppet
    agreed for all of it.. but our date ?? i cnat date an 80 yr old !