Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Periwinkle Paradise

I had an one hour exam at 8 in the morning. So I decided to wake up at 6 to refresh my memory.
I woke up at 6. It was cold. So cold that I didn't want to get out of bed. I snoozed till 6.15. Then it got so cold I couldn't have the fan on. I got up to switch off the fan when I realised that it was raining. Not pouring, not drizzling, just raining. But again I was cold and lazy, so I snuggled into my blanket and slept.
I finally did manage to wake up, mug up, and present myself in the exam room enough to manage the exam.

The place where I had to go was about a fifteen minute walk from my hostel. The pathway to get there is beautiful with trees that plunge into arcs blocking the road from the sun. I usually admire the beauty on my way (when I do manage to way up for classes). But today I was in a hurry to reach early for the exam. I didn't notice any of it.

My finished writing the paper in about 20 minutes and I was out in 25. Then I didn't know what to do. On the way back, through one the pathways is my next class at 9. So I was casually taking a walk. Since it rained in the morn, the sun was a dim shower of rays and it was a pleasant morning, with tiny puddles on the wet road.

On the road side, by the mud there grew many bushes. One of them bore periwinkles, dark pinkish periwinkles. I had seen them many a times. But today, they were beautiful. The rain drops from the morning rain were still upon them. Tiny beauties they were, fresh as the dew, washed by the morning shower.


  1. Well A. Its not raining here... B. Its very very VEYR hot and C. I have a cold in this weather... What else can I ask for....

  2. Honey... It rained heavily here last night.... Such tht I couldnt walk up to my car in the parkin lot and had to wait for quite a while... I still have tht cold... And now the spelling check is getting irritaitng... All I see is red marks... As if I m goin through an exam...

    And of course hon you are always there on the list... Thats something unsaid... So I prefer to leave it tht way...

  3. @puppet
    u asked for the rain didnt u

  4. No I have stopped dem,anding stuff... I just let things pleasantly surprise me.... Ooooooor horrifically disappoint me....