Monday, September 15, 2008


I just returned from a trip home and came in early in the morning. I was walking back to my hostel when I noticed a tiny puppy trying to grab the attention of a dog while the dog was just pushing it away. it seemed like the dog was the mother but they were different breeds. It was a very cute thing to watch.

And a little way down that road I found five puppies of the same kind engrossed in something that was lying on the road. Then as I approached they all observed me. Some of them went back to their work once they got bored. One was particularly interested. I signalled to it. it started following me. All of them started with it. Then they stopped. Only the first one followed. Then I realized it was struggling to walk fast. I felt sorry for it. So I shooed it. It stopped. It stood there watching me for a long time.

Alll of them. They were so cute. I shoudl have picked one up and ran.


  1. Well I guess its better you didnt do anythin.... You wouldnt wanna destroy them...

  2. why didnt u pick one up and run??
    U wud have ended up with one more pet[:D]

  3. Running with a puppy, and when its mother in the vicinity, u wud have ended up in hospital

  4. now i know wat i dinno then