Friday, September 05, 2008

Widget, the frog

There was a yucky yucky frog. It was creamish greenish yuckish.

It sat on my window sill. I don't know how it got there. I live on the second floor.

It stayed there for two days. I closed any opening so that it can't enter my room. I poked it with a plastic rod till it left.

It came back again another day. This time I didn't bother. It left again after a few days. Then it returned and stayed for a while.

This time I named it "Costello". Too nice a name for a frog I say. Then it left.
Then I named it "Widget". Thought it suited a frog well.

And it never came back.
And I don't miss it.


  1. Hey that was me... Damn it... I thought you would kiss me in order to get the prince...

  2. @puppet
    yuck i d rather kiss a frog then u :P

  3. ya same difference hon.... You should have kissed the frog....