Thursday, October 09, 2008

And that's how it happened (or didn't)

Choreo Nite
It happens every year as part of interhostel lit-soc competitions. And every year it's something that Sharav looks forward to for two reasons.
Firstly, we always win either 1st or 2nd. Secondly, the final year team which is allowed to dance on atage just for the heck of it is special since the Sharav delegation comes in sarees.

Well well I am in the final year and this is the first time I am to wear a sari in insti. What fun! And so it began. We all decided on the songs, practiced our steps, checked out each others saris and all the accessories that go with it.

So the final day came. I wore my sari and someone says its after 3 hours. So I changed, we had dinner and then we all began to dress. Some of got dressed and went up the venue. SOme of us were still on the way. I reached there just when they announced Sharav B team. We asked them to delay it for a while since some of them were on their way still. No one heard us. No one cared. And we danced
Some joined in some couldn't make it. After all the time spent to practice steps, after all the time spent to adjust our sari steps all we needed was 5 mins onstage with just us in our saris. And it was not to be.

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