Monday, October 20, 2008

The key

I found the key finally. As I turned the key inside the lock I wondered if I was ready for it. I just opened the door and stood by it looking inside. I gasped.
I slowly walked after the initial excitement died down.

There was a layer of dust on everything. The room was just like it was when locked. clothes are heaped in a pile for wash, luggage bags with some clothes inside, newspapers stacked up roughly in one corner, bed unkempt, the computer with its CPU cover off.
It was like somebody is living here. Yet there was a layer of dust on everything.

It's like somebody left expecting to come back in a few days and never came back. It was spooky and it all came rushing back. I was too scared to touch anything. And then I stumbled on a perfume bottle.

Scent. It was the scent of the past, of memories and of what I was once and what I am now.

I tolerated an hour. Then I just wanted to leave. I couldn't do what I came for. I had urge to take away the perfume bottle but I resisted. It would haunt me day and night if I did. And I left. I didn't finish what I came to do. I could always come again tomorrow.

And I locked the room again.
And I left.
I can come back tomorrow.
SO saying I tossed the key into the bushes.

And I left


  1. Ouch.. There are ppl in the bushes as well.... The key hurt me... Key to Life... :-P

  2. jus came across your blog accidently through a mutual friends...must tell most of ur posts are amazing and this particular one was awesome...the tendency to avoid looking back at our ourselves..and our lost identity...its all presented beautifully and filled into the most apt theme possible...

  3. @Puppet
    I gave it to you.. now go for it :P

    thanks, i havent thought so much about it myself:)