Monday, November 24, 2008

CV points

This is what blogs serve as. Last night I was trying to fill a company form. There were questions asking us to point out incidents and stuff and it talks of my specific achievements.
Now, I could just not recollect any particular incident that showed anything. How would I know when I sued Mind over Matter? For all I know I used it cos it was the most obvious thing to do then.
I caught hold of a junior and asked if she ever thought I did anything worth mentioning. She thought a bit but could not quite put down anything in particular. That's when she made this statement that I should probably go through my blog.
Well, it did help me a bit. I did at least write down a round up of my Lit sec term and quite a bit about my Shaastra as well. Even though the posts might not really mention a particular achievement, they did bring back memories which told me a lot more that I did and forgot.
So keep blogging!!!

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