Monday, November 24, 2008


The human mind is vague. It associations are weird. I linked a facewash with Jamshedpur! That too the best times in Jamshedpur!! Unbelievable!!!
There was this face wash that I bought before going to Jamshedpur for my intern. I used it for a long time. It has been about two months since I haven't used it. And that was because it wasn't available. I bought it again last Friday.
And guess what! When I used it last night, alone in the night when everyone was sleeping, it was like the times I used it in Jamshedpur. I suddenly felt surprised as a number of incidents came flooding to me. If it were a movie, imagine my hostel washroom changing into the Jamshedpur bog when the camera runs around me. And then in black and white fast-forward reels of twilight hour in the garden in front of GT1 with the bent down sunflowers rushing past...
Yeah! Weird memories. I miss those times. It is three in the night as I note these memories down again. And one day when I read them, I would laugh at what a sentimental fool I am!

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