Friday, January 09, 2009

Do you believe in Angels ?

I walked into the wilderness with a destination in mind. It was more of a hope rather truth. I walked and walked. I thought of a man who said he'd walk with me. But he didn't. He never came around. But I still walked. And finally at the place where I reached I planted a sunflower plant. And waited for the day it would flower.

The seed sprouted a plant. The plant grew. A little everyday, the plant grew.

And finally I ran up to it the day it would bloom a flower. I could see it from a distance. The plant was withered. As I saw it, it seemed weak. May be there was no flower after all. I was dissapointed. But when I reached there I saw not a sunflower, but a lily.

It's a miracle. A plant so withered had flowered. And then I remembered, he who did not turn up had sent his lilies. He, my guardian angel. He walked with me all along and when my plant had withered, he planted his lilies.

An year ago I thought I lost him. I was so foolish.

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