Thursday, February 19, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

Good stuff
The kids... the slum kids were so good, so good I couldn't imagine a better job. Jamaal especially.

The 2nd set of actors were also amazing.
Anil Kapoor's ruthless affect was great.
Except for the two scenes; Amitabh's autograph and the blinding of one kid, I could not foward the movie even for a minute.

Not so good stuff:
The oldest Jamaal: good acting, bad presence of accent. Great accent, didn't fit in the character.
The oldest Latika: Not very striking (Amrutash wouldn't agree though)
The love story idea: I didn't figure out wen the movie took a turn and started to become all about a girl. Honestly, when Salim leaves Latika's hand when they get on the train, I thought that was end of Latika. Or may be they could insert her at the end for a happy ending. But not make this the main story. Seriously!!!

But I hear Q&A wasn't so. Should read it before a further comment.

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