Monday, February 09, 2009

So we Walked

4 of us
Went for a Walk

As usual four of us walked down to mess from hostel for the bland mess food.
So we ate.
Sometimes we go for a walk.
So we walked.
We were closing in on the stadium entrance and remembered old times when in 1st year we went for walks inside the stadium. Now its closed after 9. And we realized it was just 8.15.
So we walked in.
It was empty dark open space lit only my the full moon, with an occasional speck of a person from far. Eerie!! And the border of the stadium to one side has dense forest which looks like the Forbidden Forest from Harry Porter.
We walked out of the back entrance each eating a banana we carried from mess and then decided to go on walking towards the guys' hostels. We walked till a shop 'n' eat Gurunath where we went window shopping for no reason.
And we had no money.
And we still wanted coffee.
And we found somebody (lemme credit Jayanth) who bought us 4 coffees. Sat down, drank and decided to make it back to hostel.
So we made it back.
A little more than an hour and a half. Memories to cherish when we pass out.

On a totally different note. I conducted my first experiment today.


  1. The pic. The post. All sums it up. :) Damn, we are going to miss all this.