Monday, February 23, 2009

Week Ahead

I was sitting in lab completely ignorant of time when I got a message asking me if we have the 1 o'clock class today. I shook out of slumber, it was already 12.30. Of course we have class I replied and wondered if I have enough time to run back to mess, lunch and get to class on time. And then I got reply that we do not have class.

I messaged a couple more people to find out that I don't have class for that course this week at all.
A few minutes later, I remembered that my Thursday 3 hour film studies course also was canceled for this week.
Then it suddenly dawned on me that I'm taking only two courses which means I do not have a single class to attend this week. Trip I say.

But I aint going anywhere.
I got BTP extended abstract to submit on Wednesday, present at the midterm review on my BTP next Thursday and attend a GD and interview for IIMC that next Monday.
Not to mention the assignment I should have done last semester.

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