Saturday, March 21, 2009

Art in life

Had to watch Annie Hall because we (a group of people) are going to give a presentation on the life and works of Woody Allen.
I was bored. It was 1977 film about a relationship; the beginning to the complexities to the end.
But I can't forward it, I have to know it.
So I watched it; the beginning to the complexities to the end.
(but in two sittings, I just cant sit through the whole of it)
Didn't really like the old movie but there was this one scene at the fag end that left a thought in my head.

He goes to California to try talking Annie into coming back to him, but she doesn't. And his play has the characters have the same talk they had, except with a small difference at the end. He leaver her and is about to walk away when she stops him and goes back to him.
And he says to the audience:

What do you want ? It's my first play. You know you're always trying to get things right in art because it's real difficult in life.
It's so true! I've done that once too. When I didn't like what really happened, I wrote a story making it all right. But I know it will never be that way.

Back to Allen's line, what he should have said but didn't was this:
What? I'm a guy. I don't want to be the one running after her. I flew over for her. She should be begging me to get back to her.
Duh! the male ego I say! (even to put it in his lines!!!)

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