Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Chennai Book Reading Survey

It is said that Chennai has the highest per capita book readership among all the metros. This statistic is often quoted to say that Chennai is a "well-read" city.

A friend of mine is working on a project to check the validation of this statement, for which he launched a survey.
Please take a couple of minutes to answer the survey.
And take another couple to forward it too.

He also believes that everyone in Chennai has only 3 degrees of separation, and so is marketing it through viral networking (commonly known as word of mouth publicity) and wants to test the mathematics behind it.

So Chennai, please contribute!

Survey owners —
Amrutash Misra (alumnus IIT Madras, PS Senior school)
Suchitra Sastri (alumnus Wharton b-school, PS Senior school)

Webs space provided by —
Amrit Vatsa (alumnus IIT Madras)

Bezier curve representing results —
Arun (slinky) (IIT Madras).

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