Sunday, March 08, 2009

Election post Again

Here is a mail I received today:

Hi Doston,

It is time for the 2009 elections (April 16th - May 13th) and we have
a responsibility at hand. To make informed decisions and exercise our
right to VOTE. May sound like a cliche but JAGO. Here are some sources
of information. Please pass on the message to your friends and family,
peers and associates.

1. Lot of useful information and article on Times of India Lead India website

2. The Jago Party Website

3. Election Commission website

4. Election Schedule, Key Contenders Profiles, Constituency break up
and Previous Election Results on

May we build the India we deserve :)

On a totally different note: All insti junta please vote for your hostel and your insti on 12th march afternoon.

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