Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Open up, Free up

Today's main article in economic times editorial seemed extremely personal to the writer.
The tough decision for this month’s column was whether to write about the prognosis for consumer demand in India, post the global meltdown,India slowdown, e-sops (as ET elegantly described vote inducing election expenditure), or whether to write about what lessons placement committees (mostly comprising students) of top-tier MBA schools ought to learn and act on, after the 2009 stressful placement season.

This column opted to discuss the latter, because we want to urge future leaders of India Inc to use their intellect and education to courageously depart from the past and do things differently for the different world of the future. If they are content being status-quo-ist in their placement models with the justification of “hamare khandaan ke purane rivaaz hain”, they are out of step with the mindset that winning companies of India Inc and the world want and need.
These were the first two paragraphs for the really long editorial which urges people to come ut of pre-assumed notions and stereotypes and open up to change.

The writer says we must be questioning old beliefs like that “how early placement finishes = how good the placement season / institution is”.

A well written editorial and makes a lot of sense.

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