Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pink coloured mosquitoes

Pink is a beautiful color.
Mosquitoes are painful creatures.

Here is a story:

So there was this guy and he was out on a walk with a friend and then mosquitoes started biting him.
It was unbearable.
So he said he wished there were no mosquitoes at all.
And his friend started arguing about the chain in the ecosystem and all that and gave reasons why mosquitoes need to be there. Of course the reasons were not very great, being an IITian that he was, he had to give geeky reasons. And been an IITian that he was, he also thought he was knowledgeable on any topic in the world including zoology even though it was not one of his subjects at +2 level and all the knowledge he had was his 10th CBSE biology which talks about food and nutrition and agriculture and how to store food and how to avoid rodents which makes him a great farmer. But zoologist Na-uh! But our IITian man yet gave reasons.
And our protoganist who is a non-insti guy, which is why he got irritated by the mosquitoes in the first place, which any other IITian has learnt to live in coexistence with, had not really understood any of the reasons. But he still nodded his head in agreement since even though he had taken up zoology in his +2 level still thinks that the IITian would know more than him and which is where the food for the IITian's ego comes from. And hence our protagonist accepted.
So then our IITian concluded that nothing can be done and we must learn to live in coexistence.
To which our protagonist replied whining that at least they need to be made bearable.
Our almightly IITian said "GRANTED" or "TADHASTU" and Voila!!!
All mosquitoes turned into a pink color.

Pink is a beautiful color.
Mosquitoes are painful creatures.
Pink mosquitoes are a gay guy's idea of bearablity !

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