Saturday, March 21, 2009

Undo Send !

I m so psyched about official mails, so I go on typing, reading, editing, rereading and rerereading till I m very sure that it's the perfect mail in the world. Once the job is done, I click send.
Shit !
Where's the attachment whose importance I so carefully explained with the most chosen of words to keep the cover letter as short and apt as possible??

I've done this mistake infinte times and a quick mail promptly follows first adding the attachment and then explaining my stupidity. Fortunately it mostly shows nervousness and not stupidity.
BUT I've always needed an UNDO SEND option on my mail!!!

I got to hear of it yesterday.

Gmail added undo send option but in labs. Nevertheless it's working perfectly fine so far. It allows you to un-send your mail within the next 5 seconds or so. To activate it, go to the labs tab on your Gmail.


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  2. I gave tis idea of undoing to Google - I'm an avid fan of Google until recently !!