Tuesday, March 31, 2009

WHO? writes for Sitcoms

It's 5.15 in the morning and I just spent the last three hours watching 'Samantha Who?' with my girl friend and reading Contact in between.

I love to watch sitcoms. They are fun and short. But I've never been really addicted to one. But this one, it's just, I dunno, I connect. I mean she is scared of elevators, but still gets used to taking them. Hell I m shit scared of those things but I still take them. Now you know what I mean.

It's about this really mean person who gets hit by a car and she has amnesia but now she is like all nice and goody and stuff and is really trying to change and be a better person.
Who hasn't wished for that? Whenever I do something I am not proud of I really wish i could go back in time and undo. At least I wished I would forget it and everyone else involved too. Well if Woody Allen could write plays on his life Samantha Who is my sitcom I'd like to have written.

Coming to think of writing sitcoms, The Big Bang Theory and all the really comic stuff is kinda hard for me to write. And O a crow just crowed! It's morning! Coming back to the point, that kinda stuff is really hard for me, but Samantha kinda stuff I think it's fun to be writing for that. And considering that I am good at making up stories like while talking and stuff I think I'll make a good story writer.

Imagine what fun it would be to wake up everyday go to work and write a story!
And all those guys who write for sitcoms are really cool and smart and have good sense of humor and are fun and...

It's 5 25, many more birdies are twittering and I need to catch up on some sleep before I go to lab and get some productive work done cause I need to take off early cause I m going out with a couple of girl friends in the late afternoon, just for some work.