Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Breakfast Before My Last Exam

The saga continues. Basically because I m bored and cannot get myself inspired enough to mug continuously.

What happens when you have dinner as fast as you can so that you can crash in on your bed and slip into slumber and actually do that and wake up in the morning hungry?
The problem was that I woke up at 5 and realized I was hungry. And as usual I have nothing eatable in my room accept for a bottle of mayonnaise. So I waited till 7 in the morn before my mess opens for lunch. But if I eat at 7 with my appetite I'll get hungry again at 10 or 11 and that's in the mid of my exam that is from 9 to 12. So I had to stuff myself in.

After a very heavy breakfast and the sunny side up on the sky with picturesque lawns between mess and hostel, it was automatic to pick up Economic Times sit and the entrance and read. (Unlike everyone else, I didn't take notes with me to mess and I stopped getting ET for a loooong while now).

Feels good. Now I need to go through two more assignments and some theory before I grab a bath and run to the exam.

Come to think of it, whether I have breakfast on a daily basis or not, I don't think I ever skipped breakfast before an exam. :)


  1. And ET doesnt kill your appetite??

    Carry a burger to the hall.. Its fun... I did it once... Opening up the covering when everyone else is tryin to concentrate.... The disgust and frustration on the face of the girl who manages to top all exams no matter what... And the shock of life on the face of the invigilator.... All worth it... Makes you wanna order another one...

  2. You really like you dont you??

  3. @puppet
    No dude.. ET builds my appetite...
    I m not that fond of eating. In fact most of the times I don't realise I m hungry till the hunger starts eating into me and I cant stand it

    I m my fav \m/