Friday, April 10, 2009

My IIMC GD/PI experience

Panel: A lady (L), A man (M) [who I think are profs] and a much younger man (A) [who I think is an alumnus]

GD topic: Only the poor are responsible for their poverty

We were given two minutes to think.
The discussion went on for 10-12 minutes. It turned out to be a fish market. Since it was a very open topic there was enough to speak for everyone. In a way it was good; we did not have a distinct leader and everyone almost everyone had a chance to speak.
After that each of us was given a minute to speak either to summarize or add any new points we could not discuss, but the order was randomly chosen. I was the first one to be asked to speak. I very briefly gave a summary of the discussion and added one new point.

Personal Interview

Mine went on I guess for 25mins.

M: you academics are not very good
Me: I smiled and nodded
M: so you agree?
Me: they are ok, they are not bad, they are good. but not very good
L: what is your jee rank
Me: 768
L: don't you think compared to 768, 7.7 is low??
Me: I talked about relative grading n that its within mech and that my rank is avg for mech and my cg also around the same.
M: so you havent improved!
Me: my rank is avg, my cg is a little above avg (small smile)
M: Ive forgotten all the tech stuff, been very long, tell me about Tata Nano
Me: told some basic stuff
M: its all newspaper stuff tell me about the patents.
Me: I know they have 34 patents but that's all i know.
M: as a mechanical engineering that too from IIT Madras I'll expect you to be interested.
Me (smiled)
L: Don't you think that you should get your hands dirty and get some work ex before you do your MBA?
Me: spoke something abt continuing ed and other blah said its ok shudn't make much diff n all that
M asked some more about it
M: before I pass it on, don't mind me askin this question but do you try hard and maintain your slim figure.
Me: (very astonished) err.. no.. I.. hmm... I m just like this... (embarrassed smile)
A: Om Puri? You know Om Puri? When he first went..... they said he was slim... (all that om puri said in film fare awards when he got life time achievemnt award... incidentally i waatched it the prev night so i nodded my head)
But to ad to her point.. talked more about work ex n stuff
L: Tell me more about what you wrote her that you want to be a role model for women. What do you think stands in the way for women to go higher
Me: spoke a lot.. talked abt ego issues n sexual harassement, quoted incidents... discussed with A as well.
L: what do u mean by being a role model?
Me: talked about Indra Nooyi and Naina Kidwai. spoke abt encouragement etc
M: you prepapred this answer n came ?
Me: not exactly... spoke about why i added this in my career goals.. talked abt my response being published in ET
(this issue I spoke for 5 mins on it)
M: tell me some hobbies
Me: i write.. articles, short stories, poetry...
M: tell us a short story
Me: told him a story about a blind girl
A: how to blind ppl perceive dreams
Me: talked about temperautre and feelings and that their dreams have a flowing colurs rather than clear shapes like us
A: aren't dreams black and white?
Me: thought for a sec and said we do have dreams with colours n allt hat and finally cmae upon on where i had some distinct green n thta i even converted it into a short story
M to A: dreams are not black and white
A to M: i know i was just arguing
M: what other interviews?
Me: none other this is my only option
A: otherwise?
Me: my alternate path sir, work for 3 yrs
M: u can write next yr also.
Me: if work ex is the only issue then there is no point trying next yr
A: which of these two paths would u want (i had mentioned two paths in my appln)
Me: this one obviously, thats why it is termed as the path and the other is ans alternate path.
M to A n L: are ther any other questions? i m done.
Me: smiled, checked certis and left

Not exactly good.
Not exactly bad either.

Update: I am elated to say that I made it into IIMC :)

Another update: The lady was an alumnus. The elderly man and a younger man are both professors at IIM Calcutta (I ran into them in classes and on campus. But many professors are also alumni from IIMC so the younger man could be an alumnus as well)


  1. See I told you - have fun in Kolkata for the coming two years! :)

  2. Congratulations :)

  3. Congrats yaar... have fun...

  4. Blind girl??

    Did she cry... No wait that was blind man.....

  5. @amrit, jam, anuj
    thanks man !!

    duh! will send u story sometime...

  6. hey congrats...
    You are the first person to be congratulated by me for IIM selections...

  7. @Ashish
    err.. thank you.. I m honored