Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Last Exam

Today is my last exam. Only in IIT Madras though!
My next is already scheduled to be on June 30th (probably). Something called qualifying mathematics. Yeah, IIM Calcutta asked me to come prepared for it and sent me a syllabus sheet as well!

Coming back tot he point. Yes, today is my last exam here. And I never knew that I can sleep before 10 and wake up by 5 and study for an exam. But that's exactly what I am doing for my last exam! It sounds surprising to me.
(But of course I shall skip the part that the reason I was able to sleep by 10 into dreamless sound sleep [why do we say sound sleep? Aren't we like soundless when we sleep??] was that preceding that I had been awake for 34hours)

So yeay!
Anyway wish me luck.. I'll need all I can get
Aaand I don't really feel so nostalgic about the whole thing :|


  1. Have you never had a chat in a dream?? Or woken up by a scream??

    Ah the scream when will my past stop haunting my dreams... The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.....

    Am too late I know so how was it??

  2. @Puppet
    yeah not too late.. hwy too late.. once done done.. never too late

  3. Oh it is at times... When the time is gone... Then its too late...

    Post script: Honey you gimme cryptic bull n i'll top you whenever.... Muhawhawhawhaw... I m the master of atleast this...

  4. @puppet
    Ah! interesting! i ll find some