Friday, April 17, 2009

Not so Nostalgic!

It was 6.30 and my stomach was growling but the sleep was overlapping on to me like blanket and I tugged my blanket closer and cosier fell back asleep.
I have a class to attend at 8 in the morning and yet as always the sleep overlaps. I cannot remember how many Friday 8 o'clock classes I've missed this sem. Surely none in the last one month because I'm terribly short of attendance.
Still I got out of bed today, partly because I can't afford to lose attendance, partly because my growling stomach was on the verge of a throw-up-empty-if-I-don't-get-food mood but mostly because today is the last class of this course and incidentally the last class in IIT Madras for me.

I barely recollect running to the mess, barely recollect going to the class neither do I recollect actually sitting in the class. It all just happened. Funnily, there was nothing nostalgic about it either since I don't recollect. :)


  1. Ya amnesia is more the word you are lookin for... Nostalgia wont fit in there...

  2. @puppet
    Ya Samantha Who ? :P