Sunday, April 05, 2009

Not so Posh Pups

But pups nevertheless.

Any baby animal looks cute.
I think it's because it is curious yet cautious. It's analyzing everything around it and it's so full of life and enthusiasm.

I was sitting with tea staring into space with so many thoughts in my head when a bitch caught my eye.
It looked different, kinda heavy. I thought it must be pregnant. But it wasn't fat and then I realized it's lactating. Just as the thought sunk in a cute pup ran towards it. It was so full of life that it's tail just doesn't stop wagging.

It runs around the mother and tries to tug for milk but before it settles down it sees something and curiosity gets to it. The mother was also going here and there trying to get some food. So the pup is generally running all over.

At one point the mother climbed some stairs. Now the each stair is as high as the pup itself, that too when biped.
It tried with all its might but the poor thing couldn't do it. So the mom came down. Once it tried to climb a stair n fell down. but it still wags its tail.

In fact it couldn't walk with full control. The hind legs keep tripping over each other. I think it just started walking yesterday or something.

A cute little thing!


  1. Anonymous5:57 am

    for god's sake stop writing , what crimes have we committed to deserve this. plz stop writing. I understand its ur right to write but please stop embarrassing yourself with ur work. its pathetic and sad.

  2. Anonymous6:06 am

    here is a question , why dont we all just die and make this world a better place? what say u

  3. @anon1:
    yeah you have all the right to just stop visiting my site instead. Peace of mind to you n me.

    @anon2(even though i think u are anon1 again):
    Yeay! nice idea! Go on! Take the lead!