Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So finally my Exam

Yeah, I went in on time.
But I didn't have a watch and no track of time. The paper looked lengthy. So I got psyched and started scribbling, took additionals 3 times and then when I realized I finished the paper I had nothing left to do so I left. I was the first one to leave and I was out within 2 hrs when it was a 3hr paper!!!

I hope I didn't go overboard and really screw it up :P


  1. You without a watch in exam - takes me back in time! Tsk tsk.

    You are blogging like there were no tomorrow!

  2. @Amrit
    lol.. you neevr know..
    Oh wait there is no tomorrow! It is still today.

  3. What was your last exam?

  4. @HY
    "Explosion and Safety" :)
    trippy name for a course right ?

  5. Hehehe... it sounds tailormade for terrorists... they would probably read it as "Explosions and My Safety"...

  6. @HY
    lol... thats why i said trippy