Friday, May 29, 2009

Animal Instinct

I went over to one of my school friend's place to catch up with her. We were very close back at school and we often hung out at each other's place. This was a long time ago.

And a long time ago she had a dog called Tibbu. I was shit scared of it. And before I left for my undergrad studies, she got a puppy called Matty. It was cute and tiny, after all a puppy. But I was still shit scared of it.

After all these years I went over to her place and Matty had grown older. but it's one of those dogs that have short limbs and a long body (I have no idea and never did nor will about the different kind of dogs in this world; a dog is a dog) so it still looked cute.

It always runs up tot he door to see who's come. It escorted me to my friend's room and I went along with it pampering it. As I sat on the floor I tugged at it and played with it.

This is how IIT transformed me. I m no longer afraid of dogs (though I get irritated by the ones in front of my hostel back there) or cats (I loved to play with a kitten that lives in my hostel) or any kind of insects/lizards (a lot of them used to live in my room and I was the only one in my wing with no netlon for my window). Not to mention the blackbucks and the deers and the snakes and the mongeese and the bats that I've seen/encountered.

So I graduated out of a wildlife sanctury.
And I m off to do my post graduation at a bird sanctury.


  1. deer child - deer. :P

  2. So now u'll learn to put up wid bird poop... [:P]

  3. @aditya
    we'll already been advised by seniors to carry umbrellas everywhere.. and not for rain :P

  4. Anonymous3:46 pm

    good points and the details are more precise than somewhere else, thanks.

    - Murk

  5. Anonymous3:19 pm

    excellent points and the details are more specific than elsewhere, thanks.

    - Joe