Friday, May 01, 2009

Girls Out

I invited 12 second year girls and 2 third year girls for a dinner treat. The turn out was exactly half, 6 second year girls and 1 third year girl. Plus me. 8 of us sat comfortably in two autos (unlike a bunch of guys who we ran into who bundled into a single auto only god knows how) and went to New Yorker, Nungambakkam.

We changed table once. All 8 fit into a table meant was 6.
We ordered original New Yorker nachos with cheese sauce which we never got
We ordered 8 main course dishes and then canceled two since we thought it might be too much.
we got a wrong order ans we realized it was wrong only after we finished half of it.
So he said we ll get that for free and we got our original order as well.
Then we got 2 nachos with some vague stuff and no cheese which are supposed to be "starters".
We were then billed for the extra unordered yet received main course dish.
Then we were un-billed for it.
We came back again peacefully in two autos before which I took a head count.
We came back from main gate by an overcrowded bus.
With 3 of us sitting in one two seat-er and one separately and 4 of us in another two seat-er.
We sat in the chairs in CCD and changed table to the couch (ran to grab it when someone left).
We ordered a choc-o-vloc which we never got
We replaced the order with a tropical iceberg which we canceled in the last min
We were billed for the tropical iceberg instead of a devil's own.
But he later realized it and we were un-billed and billed again.
We got back the change and missed a 100 bucks.
We got the 100 back.

how much more eventful cud it have gotten?
I got the world's weirdest toasts.

ALL in all it was FUN !!!

Thanks to Leela, Adithi, Ramya, Naga Jyothi, Akila, Reshma and Ravali for coming, and Kanmani for joining us a little later.

Vani, Kirtika, Kadambari, Surbhi and Surekha, we missed you!

Update: Vani and Kirtika did get a tiny treat in the CCD in campus.


  1. To Pranava, the most beautiful, talented, sweet and lovely girl as well Our best best senior, I toast. We ll miss you and your treats also :P. You put two treats this year :D Have a great life ahead ! And please keep visiting IIT as we ll really miss you.

  2. People don't turn up for treats :O Seriously???

  3. To twilight fairy, who lives life to her fullest.
    Cheers to the giggling spirit (read ghost)
    Trust me you can never forget her (eyes).
    Keep in touch and thanks so much for everything.

  4. I have no more words left to describe this girl.

    A person who meant so much in my life!

    When you allowed me to present my piece at Elocution as a non-comp in my first year, I was so happy. You believed in me Pranava and that made a huge difference in my life.

    Every time I had a doubt, you were right there next to me, helping me out.
    The time that we spent with you was just amazing, especially during my second semester when we worked for hostel fete, creative writing and hostel night.The treats that you put.
    Its all etched in the memory.

    Wishing you all the best with whatever you do in life!
    You rock!!!

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  6. I have had the privilege(?) of being officially referred to as this crazy lady's bitch. And then one fine day, she decided to morph it up a bit and make it less insulting or something like that, and made it bachhi. But, I suppose all the laughs, the coffees, the vague fundae sessions on life and the world, the football bean bag with my name on it, the dusty books inherited, the sarcasms, the jokes, the trippy comments, the blogship and the rest of all of it stand testimony to how wonderfully amazing it has been over the past three years to have you as my friend, my mentor and my senior, in that order of being cherished. Here's wishing you a wonderfully amazing life ahead. A toast to one hell of a crazy woman.

  7. hey...
    thanks for being the awesome senior that u have been..
    wishing u loadz of good times ahead!
    keep in touch!! :)

  8. @aditya:
    yes, people dont turn up for treats.
    When they have assignments that keep them up all night and all day straight for one week, after the end-semesters...

    Sometimes words just dont suffice...
    We love you :) and stay indebted..thats all I can say..
    [Sometime later, this shall be better worded..for now, you will have to bear with me]
    All the best with whatever you do in life and have an awesome time ahead..
    Needless to say,you leave a void for me back here...

    On an unrelated (?) note, I so envy Leela's amazing expressiveness...

  9. Ouch. I just mis-spelt your name.
    [Kicks herself]

  10. @nagajyothi
    true and i thought i usually dont give treats

    guys i tell u!


    you made me cry :)

    you bitch :P

    you too

    it's ok.. it's like u are calling out to me :P

    @at all
    thank you so much :)
    I ll miss u gals most