Monday, May 25, 2009

Kinetic Energy


This is kinda how my vehicle looks like.
I bought it about 4 years ago, July7th 2005 to be exact. I asked for it after my JEE exam knowing very well that I can't take it with me to IIT. My parents still agreed and bought it for me. So it's mine. Even though it wasn't here for the last one year and I have not driven it for like 2 years or something.

So today I decided to take it for a drive. Dad had the battery changed and put petrol in it and drove around for a couple of days before I came.

I walked down the three floors to my cellar, walked up to my bike.
Now I know the handle is locked. I looked at the key in my hand and I looked at the handle. I kept looking near the speedometer, the horn, the indicator, the handles, the breaks, the rear view mirrors. i looked everywhere. What was I searching for ? The groove for the key :)
I found it finally. It turned twice! (really??!! since when??)

OK now I was worried. I didn't know where the key goes! But by this time I was already on the road. And I drove out into the city. The city has changed. But usually, the main roads do not change. But here they did, or got diverted. Apparently a flyover is being built. So I took diversions and diversions and more diversions. I kept looking out for them. I was looking so unsure of very ever I go. Finally I went past all the havoc and drove down to the beach.

I drove on the beach road. You can't go beyond 40 on the main road and on the beach road I didn't want to go beyond 40. I wanted to drive as slow as I can (30). It was hot and sultry, but it was still the beach road. The blue waters and huge ships, all sizes and colors. And it finally here where I could feel the vehicle.
It's my vehicle, my Kinetic ZX Zoom! :)

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