Thursday, May 14, 2009

The VIVA Part 1

Today is the first time I watched someone feed the fish in the aquarium in Tifany's (or even Guru for that matter). It was nice to see bunch of fish (I think it is a school only if they are all similar fish) rushing towards a single point (or a bunch of closely spaced pointed marked out by the presence of the food particles).

Yeah, this is what happens when I try to blog half an hour prior to my viva ( I start explaining everything technically and in detail).

OK. So the fish were fed, so was the grass with water from the sprinklers, the breakfast was good and the morning sun was pleasant yet bright. It was a beautiful morning and it made my terrible headache go away (with the help of a couple of tabs) and my sickness subsided.

I feel good and again.
I never wanna see the sun go down, today...

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