Thursday, May 14, 2009

The VIVA Part 2

I started my presentation. I was asked to speak louder (an extremely rare statement). I spoke louder, I felt weak, I got nervous that I feel weak. But I managed
Actually, I don't think I just managed, I did pretty well. It was good.

I have a few changes in my thesis which need to be done. I think my prof was happy.
And half hour after my presentation, my changes are done. I just need to reprint and rebind and submit.

But now starts the hunt for the no dues forms. The number I still dunno.

I have ticket for a train bound to Bangalore early tomorrow. If I manage to finish everything here that doesn't need my presence on Friday I shall leave.

SO now I am a graduate with a Bachelors in Technology in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Madras ( I just need to hunt proof for that :P ... here I go on the run... )


  1. wats the Bachelors in Technology all about? Intro all over again?? :P

  2. @Akila
    yeah girl.. I m a fresher btw... :P
    A fresh graduate :)