Sunday, June 14, 2009


I'm finally reroomed :)

Since 22nd May, I've been feeling a little uncomfortable for I have vacated out of DellaPrincess. I missed it. Not the room, rather the thought of having a room. Since then I ve been on the move. But finally, on 11th June, I got a room, a new room, yet a room.

I got an address :)

I still gotto rename it though. Not DellaPrincess. I even left the sign board back there. This one's gotto have a new name.
It's a little different from the old one. It's slightly bigger (with a tiny balcony and all that) and I guess I grew up a little too :P
Feels good to be at a new place, making new friends all over.

But in some way, I don't feel so new, just fresh.


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  2. when will new namakaran ceremony be ;) ?

  3. @Jam
    hmmm will have to wait a while :)