Wednesday, June 10, 2009

TO Kolkata

I leave today
To Kolkata
From Visakhapatnam

And since I finished Overload by Arthur Hailey I should try reading one of the Coelho books on the way.
When I arrived in IIT Madras for BTech, I did with a dark blue suitcase and a bright blue trolley bag. I came back with those two and a two bags. Today I m packed with the same suitcase and trolley back, and a amall addition, a red and black shoulder bag. I like to travel light.

I don't know when next I'll come online
It will take time for me to get a laptop n then access internet
(first to get a room and then registration).

But I have decided that however busy I might be, I shall still continue to blog :)


  1. I guess you'll find some time to keep your blog alive n kickin :)

  2. @Jam
    it's my baby aint it :)
    bde due soon.. :P

  3. I'm sure you figured this out - Kolkata's night life kick's Bangalore's ass. Most places stay open till 5!

  4. @hetero sapien
    i thought i was going to kolkata but landed up in a village called joka :P